Who we are

Soccorso Animali ONLUS is a no profit organization that operate in Sicily since 2010 . The founder , Dr. Mauro Mazzari , is a veterinarian who dedicates his life to the care of small creatures ( preferably cats and dogs....
no mice ..please ) .
Stray  animals are very common here and they really fight every day for living . Politicians make promises but animals remain in  the streets or are kept in lager-kennells . Many cause car accidents and are left dying in the streets . 
We need your help to buy a Veterinary Ambulance for rescuing  these unluky fellows .      You can give us a hand simply buying on line with          helpfreely . It's easy and don't cost you a thing ! 
go to http://helpfree.org , subscribe , choose us among no profit and start to donate simply buying on line . You can also help us just watching 5  short spot  a day for one week . Can you do that ?
Lern how to do

Remember : register for free at wegiveit and turn your time in donations !

You can win one of this gadgets .

Sicilian dogs and cats really need this .
If you want you can make  a donation and subscribe  : we will keep you  informed  about the future association's activity .